İETT Nostalgic Tram
Nostalgic Tram Chronology

20 Augost 1869  Edict was given for Tram.

30 Augost 1869  Contract had been signed for the construction of facilities and tram in Dersaadet.

18 February 1870  İstanbul Tram Company was founded.

31 July 1871  The first horse-drawn tram was inaugurated on Azapkapı - Ortaköy line.

26 Augost 1871  First tram accident, involving death (Karaköy).

1880  Stations were carried into practice.

1883  Constructed tram line to Galata, Tepebaşı and İstiklal Street.

1899  Vardacılar working in horse-drawn tram were abolished. (saving purposes)

29 January 1908  Tünel Company was transferred to Tram Company by the general assembly resolution of Tram Company.

11 February 1910  Beşiktaş tram warehouse was opened.

October 1912  Upon the start of the Balkan War, İstanbul had a year without tram.

All horses of İstanbul Tram Company (430) were sold for 30 thousand lira.

17 September 1912  Şişli tram warehouse was opened.

1914  Upon the start of the First World War, transportation stopped for eight months in İstanbul.

25 January 1914  The first electric tram on the Galata Bridge.

11 February 1914  The trams were powered by the electricity generated in Silahtarağa power plant for the first time.

20 February 1914  A ceremony was performed for the start of Karaköy – Ortaköy line.

1916  Subscription books for trams were released.

11 May 1920  For the first time in İstanbul history, Tram Company workers striked for claims of social rights and wages. 

20 December 1922  ‘İstanbul Public Worker Union’ was founded by the workers of Dersaadet Tram Company. 

1926  Dersaadet Tram Company purchased (4) Renault Scemia buses from France. 

1928  Bağlarbaşı tram hangar that was used as warehouse, was converted into bus garage.

08 June 1928   The most famous line of the Asian side, Üsküdar-Kısıklı tram line was inaugurated.

27 August 1932  İstanbul Tram Company published regulations defining the different types of fares.

1933  For the celebration of 10th anniversary of the Republic, all trams and buses (320 trams, 4 buses) started to serve upon the direct order of Atatürk.

1936  Modern looking new trams in İstanbul, began working in Şişli – Beyazıt, Şişli – Tünel and Harbiye – Fatih lines.

16 June 1939  Tramway Enterprise was nationalized and transferred to İETT General Directorate according to the law number 3645.

01 August 1953  Tünel connected to Tram line, was abolished from service.

1954  Similiar to (air brakes and automatic doors) electric trams, were made with local labour and materials in İETT workshops.

16 March 1955  Asian Side Üsküdar and Region Tramway Enterprise (Üsküdar – Kadıköy Public Tram Company) was transferred to İETT with all facilities.

12 Augost 1961  Trams ornamented with laurel branches, said farewell to İstanbul (European side) in sadness and tears.

14 November 1966  Electric trams had their last voyage in Asian side.

1967  İETT Tram Museum was opened in Kadikoy, Kuşdili.

1981  Vehicle Museum was closed by the request of Kadikoy Fire Department, wagons (125) were sent to IETT Camp in Avcılar.

29 December 1990  Nostalgic Tram said hello again to İstanbulites in Tünel – Taksim line.

1992  2 tram wagons and 30 meters of unique rails taken from İETT Vehicle Museum, began to be exhibited at the Rahmi Koç Museum in Haskovo Lengerhane building.

1994  Summer horse-drawn tram, horse-drawn tram stop, signboard and various equipments were exhibited in the new İETT Museum at Karaköy entrance of Tünel.

May 1998  The first book of the series about the transportation history of İstanbul ‘Dersaadet’ten İstanbul’a Tramvay I’ (From Dersaadet to İstanbul Volume I) was published.

October 1999  The second book of the series 'Dersaadet Istanbul II' (Dersaadet İstanbul II) was published.

01 November 2003  Kadıköy – Moda tram line started to serve.

2005  Kabataş – Eminönü tram line was opened for service, tram passed over the Galata Bridge after 44 years again.

11 February 2010  In memoration of the 96th anniversary of the electric trams, a nostalgic tour was arranged in Taksim – Tünel line.

10 February 2014  Nostalgic tram website was launched.



İETT Nostalgic Tram